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Bachman Valves are sliding spool directional controls. With seals in housing and multiple slots milled in the spools, they provide fast action for pressure or vacuum in spring return or detent. In simplicity and versatility they are often superior to poppet, ball, sleeve and other types. Satisfactory for many gases and fluids to 125 psi, they give long life service in thousands of applications, often in hostile environments formerly requiring stainless steel.

Freezing is not a hazard for BACHMAN valves since acrylic will yield under conditions which
destroy metal valves.

HOUSINGS are machined from transparent acrylic plastic, a material which has long proved suitable for aircraft windows, outdoor signs and now, for 15 years, in valve applications. BACHMAN valves withstand normal abuse and neglect. They resist common solvents and chemicals and will maintain their good looks through years of exposure to weather, sea water, steam cleaning, etc. They are "user friendly" and available in hundreds of models.

DELRINTM ACETAL SPOOLS, colored green for optimum visibility, provide light weight, long life, and maximum efficiency.

ALUMINUM SPOOLS, coated with electroless nickel, are available upon request.

THE CLEAR VIEW of valve function is often of great value in complex circuits which are now made simple by our valves and integrated modules

FLOW CAPACITIES are standard for each port size: M valves have a Cv factor of .25, R = .88, F =1.9, W = 1.9, H = 2.8. Certain 2 way models are available in full Iron Pipe capacity, i.e., .437" dia.orifice for 1/4 NPT, .562" orifice for 3/8 NPT, etc.

NOMENCLATURE: Valves are generally signified by 3 letters and 3 numbers but with some exceptions. Normally, only the first letter is significant and reads as follows: M = 1/8 NPT, R = 1/4 NPT, F = 3/8 NPT, W = 1/2 NPT, H = 3/4 NPT. "K" indicates timers and logic elements with 1/8 NPT porting. In most valves, -22 indicates 2 way 2 port, .33, 3 way 3 port, etc. Other symbols are non-significant.

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