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Piloted Valves

BACHMAN PILOTED VALVES, in addition to the important advantage of transparency, offer many features for a variety of applications. Being modular in shape they are suitable for stacking or mounting in multiples on a common base. They are easily kept clean and are immune to freeze damage. Normal operating pressures for double piloted models are 15 to 150 psi and for spring return, 40 to 150 psi. For lower operating range see note at end of page.
Shown right: MPD-33

Double and Single Models
MPD-33 MPS-33 2.12 1.30 1.00 1/8 0.25
MPD-45 MPS-45 2.74 1.30 1.00 1/8 0.25
RPD-33 RPS-33 3.37 2.00 1.25 1/4 0.88
RPD-45 RPS-45 4.37 2.00 1.25 1/4 0.88
FPD-33 FPS-33 4.25 2.20 1.25 3/8 1.90
FPD-45 FPS-45 5.50 2.20 1.75 3/8 1.90
WPD-33 WPS-33 4.25 2.20 1.25 1/2 1.90
WPD-45 WPS-45 5.50 2.20 1.75 1/2 1.90
RPD-22 RPS-22 3.25 2.00 1.25 1/4 2.60
WPD-22 WPS-22 4.12 2.20 1.25 1/2 6.00

Note: Above Dimensions in Inches
Lines 1 to 10 above show 2 position, pipe-through models as pictured. Lines 11 & 12 are full IPS (iron pipe size) flow, available only in 2 way action, normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO).

Shown at right: RPD-45

THREE POSITION VALVES, RPN-, FPN- and WPN-45 are identical in dimension with their 2 position counterparts. These are closed center models. BLEED OPERATED VALVES are available in 1/8" and 1/4" sizes. MBD- and RBD- for double bleed and MBS- and RBS- for single bleed, spring biased models.

PUSHBUTTON, PILOT RETURN VALVES are stocked in all sizes and are specified by substituting the letter X for D. Example: FPX-45, 3/8 NPT

OVERRIDES can be fitted with a 5/8" disk (on one side) by adding the letter F. Example: MPD-45F. Overrides may be omitted by adding the letter N.

KPD- and KPS- are smaller versions of MPD-, MPS valves.
KPD-033 is 1.62 in length and KPD-045 is 2-1/8. Cv factor is .20.

NOTE: FOR LOWER PILOT SIGNALS, M & R valves have optional differential piston attachments, reducing pilot pressures to half.MFD-, RFD-, double pilot for 5 psi MFl-. RFl-, air return, for 5 psi.

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