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Solenoid Valves

are satisfactory for the control of industrial air cylinders in the range from 30 to 150 psi. The main valve element consists of a slotted spool sliding in 0-ring seals which are recessed in a transparent acrylic housing. The clear view of the valve interior is an advantage for the designer, installer maintenance man and trouble shooter.

The pilot actuator is a 3-way poppet type valve, internally fed, and exhaust open to atmosphere. Coils are standard class A to 105 C with nominal power consumption of 7 watts. Stock voltages are 6, 24, 110 and 220 AC and 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 and 110 DC. Normal life expectancy is in the range from 5 to 15 million cycles. All models have manual operators.

Shown: MSA-445

SERIES "K" SOLENOID VALVES are compact in design with minimum plunger travel for high speed of actuation and long life. They are satisfactory for air and all common gaseous and fluid media in pressures ranging from vacuum to 250 psi. Internal construction is stainless steel. Standard seals are nitrile rubber.
Valve bodies are aluminum. The square shape, with transverse through holes, provides exceptional convenience and versatility in mounting.

For applications in food dispensing, as well as for educational and other special purposes, optically clear acrylic housings are available from stock.Acrylic valves are satisfactory for intermittent duty only.

Coil Voltage: 24, 120, 240 volts, AC. 6,12 and 24 volts, DC.
Nominal power: 7 watts
Coil: Standard class A to 105 C.


Port 1 Port 2 Port 3
3 way NC Supply Output Exhaust
3 way NO Exhaust Output Supply
2 way NO Plugged Output Supply
2 way NC Can interchange ports 1 & 2

Shown: KA seres (left), KB series (right)

Orifice Size 0.031 0.047 0.063 0.094 0.125
Pressure (MOPD) 250 psi 175 psi 125 psi 75 psi 50 psi
2 way, NC KA-22 KA-23 KA-24 KA-26 KA-28
2 way, NO KA-122 KA-123 KA-124 KA-126 KA-128
3 way, NC KA-32 KA-33 KA-34 KA-36 KA-38
3 way. NO KA-132 KA-133 KA-134 KA-136 KA-138
The above model numbers specify grommeted coil housing. For conduit housing change KA to KB.

BACHMAN DIRECT SOLENOID VALVES are simple in design. With spring removed they can be operated manually as pushbutton. Life expectancy is in the range of 2 to 10 million cycles for the spring return type. Double solenoid valves are Intended for lower cycling applications.

Coils (continuously rated) are available in 110 v or 220 v AC only, as manufactured by Singer or Dormeyer. Inrush current is 450 VA, holding 50 VA. Solenoid cover is optional. These economical valves, with large flow capacity, can be used in many applications, including low pressure and vacuum, where piloted valves do not work.

2 way valves are available in full Iron Pipe Size capacity. They can be used in outdoor applications since they are resistant to freeze damage.

Shown: FS-45

VALVES are 2.5" wide x 2.5" high. Length is as below:
RS-22, -33, -43 7" RD-22, -33, -43 10" 1/4 0.88
RS-45 8" RD-45 11" 1/4 0.88
FS-22, -33, -43 8" FD-22, -33, -43 11" 3/8 1.90
FS-45 9" FD-45 12" 3/8 1.90
WS-22, -33, -43 8" FD-22, -33, -43 11" 1/2 1.90
WS-45 9" WD-45 12" 1/2 1.90
HS-22 8" WD-22 11" 3/4 2.80
HS-33, -43 9/2" HD-33, -43 131/2" 3/4 2.80
HS-45 10 HD-45 15 3/4 2.80
RS-122 7" RD-122 10" 1/4 2.60
WS-122 8" WD-122 11" 1/2 6.00

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